The Lost Temple of Enki


The Lost Temple of Enki is a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer that focuses on solving environmental puzzles and platforming through environmental hazards. Virgil will be running and jumping, while using an electric whip to swing over gaps and a gravity glove to slide down walls. Using these mechanics, Virgil must avoid traps – lava pools, spring-loaded spears, swinging logs, blow darts and crumbling bridges – in order to reach the artifact at the end of an ancient underground temple.



Technical Description:

3D side scrolling platform game for PC in C++ which utilizes Havok as its main physics engine.


  • Created custom model/animation/world exporters from Maya

  • Assisted with development of particle engine and editor

  • Developed simple pipeline to integrate assets into the game

  • Assisted in find and fixing critical bugs

Game Info:

  • Programming Language: C++(engine) / C# (tools).

  • Development Time: 5 months

  • Render: Direct X

  • Physics: Havok

  • Sound: Direct Sound

  • Input: Direct Input