Petri Dish


You are bacteria vying for domination and control of your Petri Dish. You must strategically move across the dish to contimate it with you bacterial DNA and exterminate your three opponents. There are a series of power-ups that can be activated, and with a skillful combination of directional movements, you can earn points faster before the time runs out and spell certain doom for the other germs.



Technical Description:

2D top down battle royal, where players must get the most points undert the time limit


  • Developed most of the major systems like sprite animations, wandering behaviour, and game states

  • Managed the team of programmers to make hourly reports

  •  Communicated with developers and artist to create new features

  • Assisted other programmers with developing new system

Game Info:

  • Programming Language: C# (scripting)

  • Game Engine: XNA 3.0

  • Development Time: 48 hours

  • Render: DirectX

  • Physics:None

  • Sound: Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT)

  • Input: Direct Input


  • Global Game Jam
  • 2/2012
  • Personal, Student
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Skills used

  • XNA
  • C#
  • Photoshop