Lefty’s Road Rally



Lefty & the Radtastic Road Rally! 

It’s race day at the Auto Club Speedway! Lefty Turner and his pit crew are rearing to go. Who will win the race? Will it be the studious Lefty or his hasty rival, Righty McRightson? 

Enjoy a front row seat to the action as the story comes alive with animation, music, and sound effects. 

•Read highlighted words with the narrator or read on your own. 
•Enjoy beautifully illustrated and animated pages. 
•Touch and swipe your way through interactions on each page. 
•Enjoy professionally recorded narration, sound effects, and musical score. 
•Encourage literacy through a story about the benefits of reading. 


2D Interactive story telling app

Technical Description:

2D Interactive app blending both story and games.


  • Collaborated with teammates to ensure a speedy delivery
  • Designed the Technical Design Doc ensuring that modals were built as intended
  • Implemented guidelines for artist when developing animations, backgrounds and effects

Game Info:

  • Programming Language: C# (scripting)
  • Game Engine: Unity3D
  • Development Time: 6 months
  • Render: OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Physics: Unity3D
  • Sound: Unity3D’s FMOD
  • Input: TouchScreen