Dress 4 Success (or Die)


Get Jimmy the Slacker ready to face the world outside his appartment.

Can you fool the world with your costume or will you meet a horrible end?

There are 10 Endings, can you find them all?


Point and click adventure

Technical Description:

2D Point and Click adventure exploring the viability of Flash as a game engine.


  • Developed the game idea, and all the possible combonations.

  • Assisted with different effects

  • Helped programmers with other task

Game Info:

  • Programming Language: ActionScript

  • Game Engine: Flash

  • Development Time: 48 hours

  • Render: Flash

  • Physics: None

  • Sound: Flash

  • Input: Keyboard & Mouse

  • Global Game Jam
  • 2/2010
  • Personal, Student
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Skills used

  • Flash
  • ActionScript